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Corporate mission: unity of knowledge and practice, aim at absolute perfection. Corporate vision: strive to become a company contributing to social development. Enterprise spirit: sagacity, struggling, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, harmony in diversity.Corevalues:loyalty,pragmatism,innovation,service,gratitude.Corporate service philosophy: total involvement, initiative, continuous innovation, always aiming to meet the needs of customers.Business purpose: quality for survival, integrity for development, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, creating a better future together.

Our company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of loyalty, pragmatic, innovation, service, struggling, sharing, gratitude, win-win. The service concept of total involvement, initiative, continuous innovation, and always aiming to meet the needs of customers is also what our company insists on. We work hard in order to make our products with excellent performance, stable and excellent quality to win the trust and praise of customers at domestic and abroad, and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

The logo of our company is composed of RH the initial of RuiHe and background graphics, which is highly integrated. The logo reflects our corporate culture of unity, working hard, striving for progress, constant transcendence and pursuit of excellence. The image design of R symbolizes the fabric which is one of our company’s products, and has the connotation of openness, freedom and innovation. The image design of H symbolizes path to growth and development direction of RuiHe, and embodies corporate philosophy of continuous innovation and making efforts. The blue background reflects the professional and persistent enterprise spirit, implying science and technology, leading, modern, future and globalization. The circle symbolizes the earth and implies that RuiHe is pragmatic, oriented to the world, in line with the world, serving the world and innovating for the future.

Enterprise development principles: dedicated, professional; Variety: more equipment, more technology, more patterns, more products. Speed: Fast development and proofing, fast delivery and quick response. Quality: better product quality, good management, good comprehensive service. Value: serialization and layering of products, diversified choices, super-high cost-effective, easy to process, save money and effort. Innovation: Strong development and innovation ability, continuous innovation, new products emerging in endless stream.